NoButt Productions

There's nothing to tell

...Really! Anyway, we decided to come up with something, not to disappoint those of you, who came here to learn something about us. We've even included a FAQ, and if you don't find the answers you're looking for there, don't hesitate to contact us here.

We make videos! That includes everything in the process, from concept development and directing to filming and editing. A video from NoButt Productions is an all-in-one solution, made by people who know their stuff, and strongly believe in cutting the crap. Sometimes puke is just puke – don't expect to find ridlles, hidden messages or deep filosophy in it, everytime someone calls it art.

Because we can is the worst phrase ever said by Man – it's the lousiest of excuses for almost anything. However, we strongly encourage those who whine about lack of culture, to make some themselves.

We want to support artists, who realize that a good video is basically about a good idea. Making something impressive isn't difficult if you have unlimited acces to ”state of the art” equipment and a shitload of cash. We're NOT afraid to go all in on that matter – we just don't feel that we have to, all the time. If the idea in itself isn't good enough, the rest is mere decoration, and you'll end up being ”because we can” laughing stock.

Cut the crap! We consider NoButt Productions a NoNonsense Agency. In a world filled with dirty, self-righteous and narcissistic assholes, there should still be enough space for serious artists, with more talent than cash. We're not ashamed to create a video for free – or at least minimum expenses, provided that we can use it for shameless self-promotion. We don't do that all the time, but feel free to contact us about a project – we might like it!


Where do you come from? Our base of operations is Aarhus, Denmark (Scandinavia, Europe bla bla...).

Do you work internationally? Yes we do. Depending on the assignment, we're not afraid to leave the (not so) safe and idyllic fairytale kingdom. We can, of course, also make a video for you here, no matter where you are.

Do you have a hidden agenda? Yes we do. Read all about it here

Is there any assignment you wouldn't take? Yes. Anything that will endanger our lives or self esteem. Generally speaking, that means radical religious or political beliefs and sexually explicit material including minors or animals. We also try to avoid compromising specific individuals who haven't approved of partaking in a project.

How much does a video cost? It depends on the project and the idea.

I have a song, but no money! Would you make a video to go with it? Maybe.

I'm filthy rich, and want YOU to make a video! Will you charge me? Maybe... Probably...!

You're not into that ”Dogma” shit, are you? No! Just like we're not into firework extravaganzas for their own sake, we don't believe that minimalism is always the coolest way to go.

What kind of company are you... really? We're not a company. We're a cooperation between several people who own their own companies, and work in different creative areas. Our social well being is not entirely based on NoButt Productions. We do, however, intend to become one – provided that people like what we do.

Do you fear competition? No. Ideas combined with the execution of them tend to end up being unique. We're creative people, and we get ideas all the time. We fear theft like everybody else, but fortunately we also know how to deal with it – hooray for danish and international law (on that point)!

Do you cry if people don't like your videos? Yes, we cry like children.

I'm desperate to get in touch with you! What do I do? Read the sign, Phugger!