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You just happened to come across NoButt Productions' official website. Whether you intended to, or came by accident, we hope that you'll enjoy the ride.

You may wonder who and/or what we are. If you like short explanations (like we do), then this is the version just for you:

At NoButt Productions we visualize music and stuff.

If you seriously want to know more about us, we suggest that you visit the About Us page. If you're not into self-promoting crap, you might want to skip that part, and go directly to Videos. Stills is the place to go, if you like compromizing ”behind the scenes” material and Contact is for those who mean business.

If you don't mean business, but want to follow us anyway, we recommend that you hit the little blue F tag (which seems to be unavoidable these days). We won't spam – promise! In fact, we won't even invite you to anything, unless there's a fair chance that you'll win a prize! We will, however, keep you updated on our latest projects.

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In Limbo - Clean Boys from Michael ersted on Vimeo.

video courtesy of NoButt Productions © 2014